"1000 Vintage Dimestore Pixies Imps & Elves," a collector's research guide
This book showcases Japanese imported pixie figurines from the 1950's and 1960's
After WWII ended, Japanese imports flooded the United States and became very popular with consumers
Among the numerous genres and styles of porcelain imports, the pixie figurine was a popular choice in the U.S.
The book's index lists the many different categories of the figurines
Just among the pixie genre, there are scores of different styles and types
My book focuses on just one of many styles of pixies
There are well over 1000 different pixies in this style
Researching the pixies' history was a real challenge, mainly because few manufacturing documents survive from that period
When completed, my book will include over 1000 images and about 400 full-color photographs
Thanks to the internet, the value and the demand for pixies by serious collectors has significantly increased
After spending almost 8 years researching my book, it is scheduled to be completed later this year
My book will contain over 150 pages, 400+ full-color glossy photos, and will be printed in hardcover and softcover editions

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