Characters I created that were used in lesson plans for teachers
A tugboat scene created for N.O.A.A.
Various marine-life and plankton
A world of dinosaurs
Illustrations of several different types of whales
A diagram illustrating the complexity of a hurricane system
Another cutaway model showing the formation of volcanoes and islands
A cutaway model showing how underwater ridges and trenches are formed
A model illustrating the precipitation cycle and groundwater cycle
A model that shows how mountain run-off water effects the village life as it flows downhill to the sea
One illustration of a series that explains how volcanoes form up from the sea
An illustration of a humpback whale's skeletal structure
An illustration of the anatomy of the humpback whale, this shows their reproductive systems
A basic diagram of the precipitation cycle
A diagram showing how the photosynthesis process takes place
A model showing an example of the underwater landscape off of the Hawaiin coastline
A model showing the effect of land elevation on the inland precipitation cycle
Illustrations for children showing how pollution and man's carelessness are contributing to marine life destruction
More illustrations showing the effects of pollution on marine life

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